Meet and Greet

Hi Everyone!

My name is Marissa, and my adventure companion is Scout. He’s a 55-lb kelpie/ cattledog/ german shepherd mix, and the best thing about leading an active lifestyle with him is that he will never complain. Well, he doesn’t as long as I keep giving him treats. I want to share our adventures, experiences, and ideas with you all.

Desert hiking in the SoCal winter.

I am a full-time graduate student, but sometimes I need to actually get outside and feel the endorphin rush from a long run or a gorgeous hike rather than get that rush from some good data in the lab. Scout is an incredible motivator for me to get up and go, even though I often just want to binge-watch The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or do some more data analysis on the weekends.

I think it is incredibly important for people to have a passion outside of grad school or work because sometimes work just is not as fulfilling time to time. Or you just have a bad day. If you feel lost at work and your progress is not where you would like it to be, you can always fall back on the progress you make in your personal life. Hiking, running, yoga, and climbing are my fallbacks when I just can’t seem to get ahead in grad school. The life I lead outside of work fuels my productivity and commitment when I am working. Honestly, I believe I am more motivated and productive at work when I know I have a busy adventure weekend planned.

I spend my weekends with Scout (and my boyfriend). It’s these amazing adventures that pull me through the week, but also give me the power to get up and tackle Mondays. I hope that my fellow dog-parents and adventurers can see a glimpse into my dual life; first, a workaholic scientist, and secondly, an outdoor enthusiast.

Perfectly content on our New Jack climbing trip.

I hope to someday see you and your 4-legged friends on the trail. Happy hiking!



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